Being a Los Angeles commercial cleaner can be a lot of work. There are certain aspects of commercial cleaning that come along with working in this business particularly in a large city. Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the United States, so it comes along with a lot of different things that you have to do in regards to commercial cleaning. Commercial cleaning in a large city is very different from commercial cleaning in a small town. There is a huge amount of diversity that comes with cleaning as commercial cleaner in a large city like Los Angeles. There are many different situations that you may be in as a commercial cleaner in a large city than if you were a commercial cleaner in a smaller city.

When a commercial cleaning crew goes to clean in a large city, there are a lot of different buildings that they may have to clean that other people in smaller cities don’t have to clean. In this article, we’ll talk about what it’s like to clean one multi floor building as a cleaning crew. 

To start off, when you clean a building in a city like LA, you will have to accustom yourself to dirt and dust. Oftentimes, commercial cleaners report that their job can get really dirty. They spend hours cleaning these businesses, sometimes working outside and inside the business, cleaning windows, mopping, sweeping, and doing other things. Some of the things that they do in particular cause a lot of dirt and dust to be kicked up and inhaled. Sweeping can be a big problem for commercial cleaners in terms of dust. It gets so dirty in buildings in LA so quickly, they are constantly needing to be swept, and when they are, they have a ton of dust that needs to be swept up. This causes a lot of dirt to get kicked up and inhaled.

Being a commercial cleaner in this city is difficult, but it’s something that thousands of hard workers do everyday!