Have you ever wondered what it’s like to commercial clean a large building in LA? In this article, we’ll talk a bit about what it is like to clean a large city building with just a small crew of commercial cleaners.

Oftentimes in LA, business owners will rent out rooms from a landlord that owns a large building. This large building will have many rooms that the smaller businesses can rent out. These smaller businesses usually have separate commercial cleaners from the larger building owner. The larger building owner also needs a good commercial cleaner or two to help them keep the hallways and walkways looking good for the small businesses and their customers. 

When a cleaning crew works inside a large building cleaning the common areas, there are some things that they will have to get used to. One of these things is constantly walking up and down stairs. Being the commercial cleaning crew for an entire building and its common areas can be a lot more difficult than cleaning the smaller, one room business areas within the building. Although a building may only be four or five floors, going up and down these flights of stairs can get very tiring, especially when you are carrying a mop bucket or other heavy cleaning supplies. This is just something that these types of commercial cleaners will have to deal with, however.

Cleaning large, active buildings with many different types of businesses in them also leads to interaction between the janitors and the customers or employees of the businesses in the building. Although you may try to avoid times that the employees or customers are in the building, sometimes you can not avoid them. In order to prevent issues, you will have to make sure that you are cleaning in a way that is respectful to the customers and employees that are using the businesses.

Hopefully reading this article has opened your eyes to the life of a commercial cleaner for a large building in LA! Although it may seem hard, the job is definitely worth it.