Commercial cleaners are some of the most underappreciated workers in all of Los Angeles. People are constantly leaving messes without thinking about who will have to clean up those messes. Since commercial cleaners are rarely ever heard in media and culture, we want to take this article to highlight what some commercial cleaners think about their jobs. 

A lot of people who work in commercial cleaning only do so part time, and do not want it to be their full career. However, they are willing to do it for a short period of time or to get some needed money in their pockets. A lot of commercial cleaners also work on their own. While there are a lot of jobs as a commercial cleaner where you work with a team, there’s a good portion of jobs that require the cleaners to be by themselves. Although this is a downside to some commercial cleaners, some really enjoy being able to work on their own. Some commercial cleaners stated that they like to take this time to listen to some of their favorite music, listen to a podcast, or catch up on the news. 

The culture is also rated relatively highly by a lot of commercial cleaners. If you are a commercial cleaner that works with a commercial cleaning crew, it is said that the people are very friendly and welcoming. The management was also rated as very decent. This can be a problem in other fields where management can go on power trips and treat their employees poorly. Many commercial cleaners said that you will not be likely to experience this type of struggle in the commercial cleaning business. There are many other friendly commercial cleaners around.

After hearing about what commercial cleaners think about their jobs, hopefully you will think twice about spitting gum out on the floor or leaving your spilled drink on the staircase. Commercial cleaners are people, too!